Custom Body Work



Customized sessions to tailored for you!


50€ p/session

Special pricing for packages: 4 for 150€


Most of Jen's clients schedule for private sessions to maximize their body work benefit. Private sessions allow Jen to create and vary sessions to get the best result for individuals and address very specific conditions, acute or chronic.




Jen conducts special workshops to introduce YAMUNA bodyrolling to new students. These workshops can be conducted in a variety of spaces including corporate and educational facilities. The YAMUNA experience, as well as the other body work Jen teaches, is also a great activity for wedding parties or a unique gift idea for an anniversary or birthday. Please contact Jen directly if you are intersted in arranging a special introductory two-hour YAMUNA workshop or other special private session for your party or organization. Class size is usually best when limited to a maximum of 20 participants.



Custom group classes!!






Create your own group class to get your perfect class time! Or ask about joining another small group in-progress. Jen prefers to work with small groups so she can tailor the bodywork to each indivudual's particular needs. 


Personal studio space 10-minute walk from City of Arts and Sciences. Contact Jen to discuss possibilities!

feel the difference




YAMNUA bodywork improves alignment, relaxes the nervous system and increases body awareness, also known as  mindfulness. It is a self-care practice on small balls that is useful in treating a variety of chronic conditions as well as excellent preventative practice for all in support of a healthy, balanced and injury-averse lifestyle, whatever your level of fitness. Some of the conditions YAMUNA practice can help improve include:


Chronic back pain

Neck pain

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome


Shoulder pain and instability 

Multiple dislocations

Scar tissue remediation

IT band Syndrome

Piriformis Syndrome

Fallen arches

Flat feet

Plantar Fasciitis 

Hip pain and restrictions

Pelvic floor Issues

SI instability and pain

Chronically tight muscles 


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